Happy New Year! Plus...


I am still learning more JavaScript. Probably a bad idea to divide my time learning AngularJS, Backbone, and jQuery, and even Python (not JS). I should really focus on one but it seems many are used for different purposes - it's all similar code and a "tool" so knowing which one to use seems a logical course of action. Node.js seems interesting but I think more advanced so I am holding off on that one for now. My son just got a Pebble watch and there's an SDK to code for that using JavaScript entirely - so that might be something to spend time on. How did JavaScript get to be such a fun thing all of a sudden?

Moving on,...Work is pretty busy these days. We got a new HD camera to video the school board meetings and were having some issues getting started with that. But we got everything worked out last week and I edited my first meeting today with the new video files from it. They are very clear, sharp and the colors are way better than the old DV camera. I've also been busy tweeting and doing more communications on the Geneva 304 website since we still don't have a replacement in for our communications officer. Four of us at work also moved into a new room to work that was remodeled and it's very nice - big and lot's of sunlight. I'm kind of bummed out that they removed all the original blackboards on the walls (was a classroom originally) because they were from the 1930's I think. They installed whiteboards for us to use dry erase markers on. I'm also still using a standing desk arrangement - no sitting for me - and I still like it.

My current project is one of my goals - to help create a internet safety website for elementary school age students to use. The teachers may use it also to teach the kids about internet safety. I am creating it in SharePoint 2010 - but may move it to our intranet site on our Geneva 304 website CMS. I also want to do more with digital literacy but one step at a time.


Another Work Sample and PS4 Games


I made a JQuery accordion menu to be a directory for teachers at one of the schools and added a screenshot of that.

In other areas I took a small detour from learning JS libraries/frameworks and learned some python coding. That is because I am becoming intrigued with the Raspberry Pi device. I am trying to think of way to have it collect data (temperature and pressure maybe) and analyze it. I am trying to be more productive with my idle time.

Ran across these videos of next generation games for the PS4 and think wow! these look awesome, but I'm simply done with video games. Maybe 5 years ago they'd still be a part of my life but not now. The worlds/environments of the new game consoles are an aspect that still holds my interest. These are getting really intricate and almost movie-like. The thought I keep having is how can these game engines be turned into learning environments? Perhaps a kid interacting with a Kinect in a classroom demonstrating to other students something that is shown on a big screen or shared across tablets.


Work Samples Page Added


I am adding samples of my work to the site. Woohoo! Click on the menu button above to view them. I'll gradually add more as time goes on so check back in once in a while.